Harry Potter to Magically Appear on EBook Readers?

Posted on Apr 5 2011 - 11:43pm by Robert

Have you ever read a Harry Potter eBook? Probably not, since they don’t yet exist.

J K Rowling and her advisers look like they are at last going to give the green light for the adventures of the boy wizard to make the big jump onto the electronic format.

The official word is that giving the go ahead for eBook publishing is now being “actively considered”. Why have they taken so long to go ahead and get this done? Could it be something to do with money?

Experts in the publishing world reckon that the licensing for the Harry Potter eBooks could net the author up to £100 million and that it could have a massive knock on effect in generating sales of eBook readers to people who are brought to the medium by the Hogwarts based stories.

The Scotsman newspaper got a great quote from Professor Claire Squires from Stirling University, who said that the deal would be similar to The Beatles making their music available through iTunes for the first time.

So who will buy Harry Potter eBooks? Those who want to replace dog eared old copies with whizzy electronic ones or parents who want to get their children reading by spicing it up with a bit of technology? Maybe the electronic versions will come with some sort of extra hook to encourage diehard fans who already have the paper copies and the DVDs to part with more cash for the new format.

Would you buy an electronic Harry Potter book?


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  1. Sharon July 19, 2011 at 5:43 am - Reply

    YES YES YES it was the first book i looked for.

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