Hauppauge Brings TV to Apple iPhone and iPad

Posted on Jan 8 2011 - 11:37pm by Matt Jackson

Making the idea of watching television on your iPhone or iPad easy is something which the people at Hauppauge have obviously been working hard on lately.

This firm is the world leader for devices which let you watch TV on your PC and at the CES 2011 they have introduced the Broadway, which is basically a live TV streamer which sends the images to your Apple machine. You can use it through Wi-Fi or any other type of internet connection and you can receive digital cable channels, analogue channels and ATSC ones too.  The programmes are cleverly compressed in size so that they fit onto the iPad / iPhone without any loss of quality.

It is a stand alone, low power machine and works with all routers of the 802.11g and 802.11n variety. You simply plug it into your home network router and either your cable telly connection or your aerial.

Once you are connected you need to use your iPad or iPhone to check the available channels and choose one. You can then maximize the window so that the image fills the whole screen. One of the big benefits for many people will be the fact that you can watch TV from home while travelling anywhere else in the world. The Broadway device hooks up to your home network router and send your home television signal through internet onto your iPhone or iPad.

The price in the US will be around the $200 mark and we are looking at a late February release. No news yet on the UK release.

Another product the Hauppauge people have been showing of in Las Vegas the last few days is the WinTV Aero-m USB Receiver. This is pretty much the same idea as the Broadway machine but pumps the television signal into your home computer instead of your portable Apple device. This will be a good bit cheaper at around $70 when it goes on general sale.

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