Have a treat with the Automatic Donut Factory

Posted on Aug 1 2011 - 1:42pm by Thomas Sharp

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have your own donut maker at home? It would be wild because, let’s admit it, we all love donuts. The problem is, we have to drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme to get a bite. Now, thanks to the new Automatic Mini Donut Factory, we won’t have any reason to go out for a donut.

Nostalgia Products Group is now introducing the Automatic Mini Donut Factory, an easy-to-use donut maker that magically transforms donut batter into freshly made donuts. Making a donut using the device is simple: just add the donut batter and the machine will do all the work, like dispensing the dough, forming, flipping and frying cute mini donuts. Once cooking is done, the donuts go down the donut slide into the bin where they’re ready to be served.

This Automatic Mini Donut Factory also sports safety windows that let you watch the action without accidentally burning your fingers.

The donut maker features a tray to cut off a little of the grease and makes 30 wonderful donuts per batch.

“People love donuts and this donut maker is unique in that it’s actually a tabletop donut factory and does all of the work for you, making perfectly shaped mini donuts with each batch.” said President of Nostalgia Electrics Gregg Bond.

The Automatic Mini Donut Factory from Nostalgia Electronics is the perfect way to make donuts for breakfast, dessert, sleepovers and parties. Visit the company’s website to learn more about this awesome product!

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