Having A Mozilla Party?

Posted on Jun 12 2008 - 7:14pm by Richard Sharp

There Ain't No Party Like A Download PartyMozilla is making a fairly big deal out of this so we thought it only polite to join in. In fact, in all honesty, while the release of Mozilla Firefox 3 on June 17 (you can actually get it now if you really want but that would mean missing out on the party and the world record attempt) is excellent news, the suggestion of having Mozilla download parties and attempting to set the world record for the most downloaded software in a 24 hour period smacks a little of going completely overboard.

Perhaps even more worrying, though, is the fact that there are already 444 confirmed Firefox parties with an unashamed (you should be ashamed – very, very ashamed) 2,648 people expressing their intention to attend. By attending a download party you could help set a world record too – still not selling the prospect to you are we?

The third version of the proposed release build can be downloaded here, and as this included only one very slight change it is highly like that this will be the final version that is released in 5 days. You could always download this version and then download the official release version on the big day if you really want to be a part of the action.

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