Hello! I’m in Pyongyang

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 10:21pm by Robert

What are the chances of you wanting to use your mobile phone in North Korea in the near future?

They may be slim but, hey, it’s always nice to have the option, isn’t it? Well, now you have it, so you might want to start looking at prices for flights to Pyongyang after all.

Previously, foreign mobile phones were of no use at all in North Korean territory. However, under a new scheme which has been approved by the government that it all about to change.

When you land at the airport you simply need to buy a local SIM card and away you go. There are some restrictions on it though. For example, you can’t make calls to most numbers in North Korea and you don’t get internet access either.

Make Calls Abroad and to Embassies and Hotels

koreaIn the past tourists had to leave their mobile phones in the airport so something is better than nothing at least. Now you can buy the SIM card and call international numbers, foreign embassies and international hotels.

This new policy from the North Korean government comes with the help of the Egyptian / North Korean company Koryolink who bring communication services to the country. At the moment internet access is extremely limited in the country but it has been suggested that foreign travellers will soon be able to enjoy this as well.

At the moment the cost of SIM card is reported as being £40, while you can also rent a phone for a couple of pounds a day if you left yours at home.

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