Hide Your Flash Drive In Your Watch

Posted on Jul 18 2008 - 11:34pm by Richard Sharp

USB Flash Drive Watch - Storage StorageFlash drives just keep getting smaller in dimension while growing in stature and storage capacity. In fact many of them are no bigger than the actual USB plug, and if they do get any smaller then you’re going to need specialist tools to remove them from your PC, never mind attempting to find them again once you’ve secreted them about your person (we don’t need details).

This 4GB flash drive is concealed in the back of a fairly inconspicuous looking watch. Not only does that mean you could carry round government secrets without fear of having them stolen, but you won’t be able to leave those all important records on the bus either. As is the trend, the flash drive really is tiny measuring in at 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.25 inches so you may need tweezers to get it back out of your computer.

If they ever become popular, of course, then everybody will know what you’re hiding in the back of your watch, but for now they are available online and cost little more than £20 to £30. That includes the drive and watch, in case you were wondering. You’ll need your own government files to add to it.

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