Hitachi Maxell unveils its Air Voltage wireless iPad charger

Posted on Sep 29 2011 - 4:02pm by Robert

Japanese electronics company Hitachi Maxell, in cooperation with Murata, has unveiled the Air Voltage, a wireless battery charging system for the Apple iPad.

The Air Voltage, is a combination of a jacket (Energy Cover) and a wireless charging pad (Energy Stand), specifically for use with the Apple iPad 2 tablet. According to the company, the device is the first of its kind.

Technically, there is still a cable involved, but it only connects the charging pad to the power source. Connection to the iPad 2 itself does not require the use of any cable at all.

“As smartphones and tablet PCs become more essential to our lives, these devices must be recharged more and more frequently, bringing a rising need for them to be equipped with wireless recharging functions,” said Murata in its press release. “We have thus applied our original circuit design technologies and module manufacturing technologies to develop a field-coupled wireless recharging system and are working to implement its practical use.”

It works by putting the iPad 2 into the Energy Cover, then place it on the Energy Stand. This lets the Air Voltage charge the tablet without the use of cables. According to Maxell, the wireless transmission of 10 watts takes around 3 hours to full charge your tablet, just as long as charging the iPad using the AC adapter.

Maxell will launch the Air Voltage induction charger for the iPad on November 25 in Japan. Unfortunately, they have released no word on worldwide availability and pricing, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


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