Holes and Balls iOS App Now Free

Posted on Feb 26 2011 - 10:54pm by Thomas Sharp

There seems to be a growing trend of simple games topping the Apple iTunes app chart and today is of no exception, Holes and Balls offers 30 levels of point and bounce action in a way that can be best described as a cross between pool/snooker and mini golf.

The levels all come equipped with a ball and a hole (hence the name) and require the user to direct the cue/stick, pull back for power and then shoot the ball into the hole. Sounds simple and to be fair it is, its still fun though especially when you have to bounce the ball multiple times to hit the hole.

Different levels introduce different challenges; some levels require an accurate rebound off of inanimate objects whilst others require you to hit moving ones to direct the ball in the hole. Other levels require you to squeeze the ball through the smallest gaps or even avoid very strong magnets; some are quite a challenge and will bring out the puzzler in you.

The game says that new levels will be added soon and they will need to, I played the entire game in 15 minutes flat – not bad if you want something to kill a few minutes here and there and there’s nothing to stop you going back over old ground. When it launched Holes and Balls cost 59p, it’s now free so can’t be sniffed at really.

Have you played Holes and Balls? How did you find it?

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