How to Travel Better with Gadgets

Posted on May 16 2011 - 5:38pm by Robert

So you love jetting off to sunny beaches and exciting cities and you also love your gadgets? Here are a few tips for getting the most out your technology during this year’s summer holidays.

Download some apps.

If you are planning on taking your smart phone with you then you can stock up on apps to help you with the language, check out flight information, see the weather where you are going and a lot more. You don’t even need to bother with the once obligatory trashy paperback novel, as sticking some games or an eBook reader onto the phone will keep you entertained during the flight and on the beach.

Take tiny digital scales with you.

These micro weighing machines are brilliant for making sure you ease that dreaded moment when they put your suitcase on the airports scales and find yourself coughing over a huge lump of cash because of all those porcelain donkeys and seashell covered ashtrays you just couldn’t resist taking home.

Pack a portable power pack.

These little devils can be used to charge up phones, gaming consoles, cameras and MPs players among other devices.

Check out Wi-Fi coverage.

If you are going to travel with a Wi-Fi enabled device then you could be lucky and find that the beach or local park has a free service. Otherwise you might need to go to a bar or restaurant to hook up. A quick internet search on your destination should tell you your options and let you plan ahead.

Use cloud storage.

This can work a couple of ways. Firstly, if you want to access lot of documents while you are on holiday then instead of cramming everything onto your device you can put them onto a cloud based storage service like Dropbox. The other approach is to keep the photos you take on holiday safe by popping them onto the cloud storage site.

Take powerful mini speakers.

You might want to party on the beach or chill out in your hotel, but in either case you will find that after a while the audio performance on most phones and tablets lacks a bit of oomph. Nowadays there are amazing speakers which come in tiny packages, such as the WoWee One models. You just plug it in and put in any sort of surface and your funky holiday disco begins.


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