HP builds the first tablet-based Facebook app

Posted on Jun 28 2011 - 11:17am by Julius

The first tablet-based Facebook app may not land in the popular iPad first, reports say.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the first big-screen Facebook app will appear on the HP TouchPad later this week. iPad users have been begging for more than a year for a Facebook app, but with the social network’s release on another tablet platform, they will be left disappointed.

Online reports say that the app was in its final testing stages and would be released in a few weeks.

Leaked images show that the first Facebook app on the webOS-powered TouchPad has been circulating online and first impressions are more positive than negative.

Most features that people expect to appear are in the app already, from Messages to News Feed, Places, Friends, Photos and Events. These are laid out carefully so you can easily view them.

Facebook was quick to clarify that “this app was not built by Facebook but by HP.”

Though the new Facebook app may not be created by the social networking giant, it looks pretty polished and Facebook-y.

Currently, there are third-party apps that enable users to login their Facebook accounts. I think that Facebook is taking its time to work on an iPad app for users to make use of the full-screen version of the website, not the mobile version, using Safari.

Do you think it is time for Facebook to launch an app for the iPad?

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