i.am Buttons: Will.i.am Brings Out Another New Gadget

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 4:29pm by Robert

You probably know Will.i.am best as a highly successful musician who kind of divides opinion. However, whether you think that his songs are terrible or his lyrics are pretty good, you are probably as unconvinced as the rest of us by his inventing skills.

You see, the guy who was born as William James Adams Jr has been trying his hand at creating gadgets for some time now. Most people seem unimpressed by what he does but he just keeps going.

Right now he has come storming back onto the new gadgets scene with something called i.am Buttons. These are essentially Bluetooth headphones that have big discs that sit outside the user’s ears while listening to music.

Apparently the design of these headphones was inspired by vinyl records. One of the interesting features is that the two earpieces connect together magnetically around your neck when not in use, to creat a type of necklace.

Colours That Match the Latest iPhone


The i.am Buttons have been made available for sale in four different colours and can be bought from Apple Stores among other places. The colours have been created to match the latest iPhone designs and the cost is quoted as being $230 (£184).

Will these new headphones be a roaring success or will they be a complete flop? Many of the early reviews haven’t been great but maybe this is exactly what music loving phone users around the world have been waiting for.

Can you imagine yourself wearing some i.am Buttons or do you prefer to wear more conventional headphones?


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