Icebar, the completely waterproof case for your Nano with speakers

Posted on May 29 2009 - 8:11pm by Richard Sharp

icenan_alt1We recently told you all about the Otterbox, a nifty little gadget for the iPod Nano which give the ultimate in protection for your much loved iPod, no matter what life can throw at it. Well we think that we have found an alternative that has another added advantage, not only will the Icebar keep your iPod Nano clean and dry but it will also allow your Nano to pump out the sounds from inside its protective little box via the integrated speakers.

The Icebar with its waterproof casing will protect all iPod Nano’s that are 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation from wind, rain, sand and complete immersion in water. So if you enjoy listening to your sounds on the beach, or in the shower or bath then the Icebar is the perfect solution. The sound quality is pretty good for such a small unit and there is a stand that will allow the iPod Nano with its Icebar cover to stand safely, and if you are using by the pool the Icebar also has a float that will attach to the unit by a lanyard to save losing it in the depths.

The Icebar has two neodymium speakers, a headphone input that is also completely waterproof, a rubber loop for hanging if used in the shower and a special sealed click dial membrane that allows for operation whilst your iPod Nano is safely encased in the Icebar. The outer casing is shatterproof so there should be protection from any accidental damage too.

The Icebar costs £39.99 which for an ordinary case for a Nano might be considered a bit on the pricey side. However because the Icebar has speakers then you can feel more satisfied with the price tag as you have a portable docking sound system included in the price.

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