IFA 2010 Preview – TV, Tablets, More TVs, And More Tablets

Posted on Sep 1 2010 - 7:27am by Richard Sharp

Europe’s biggest electronics and consumer gadget show starts this week, 3rd September to be exact, and GadgetsAndGizmos will be reporting the latest goings on for all to see (follow us on Facebook to see the latest headlines). There will be over 1,000 stands at this year’s celebration in Berlin, which marks the 50th anniversary, and unline CES this is one is aimed specifically towards the European market making it potentially more relevant to us all (yay).

But what exactly are we expecting to see at this year’s event?

The iZone is a specific section that has been set up for Apple lovers and it will feature the latest tech for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Expect plenty of new apps and hopefully some serious tech wizardry for the latest versions of the devices – there may even be a few upgrades to the devices themselves to speak of.

The IFA eLibrary is a new section of the exhibition and it will specifically concentrate on tablet PCs and ebook readers. If nothing else, you’ve got to marvel at the impact that the iPad has had since its launch.

TVs are going to be a massive feature in one way or another – partially because they always have been but also because of the massive impact that 3D TV is having despite still being in its infancy as a technology. Panasonic and Sony, who have both recently announced that they are working on glasses-free 3D TV are certain to have some decent 3D TV related features.

Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs, or OLED if that’s too much of a mouthful, has been threatened a few times and while it may not have taken off with the same kind of popularity as 3D it is building up an albeit small head of steam now. LG is reported to be preparing to show off a 31 inch OLED TV which will make a very pleasant change from the miniscule 15 inch versions so far available.

Internet Protocol Television, IPTV, is also going to be another feature. Manufacturers are getting to grips with the integration of Internet based services and the streaming of content to their latest TV sets so expect a few announcements and a few exhibitions on this.

Tablet PCs are the rage and any competitor to the iPad is good news for all because it may eventually lead to reduecd iPad prices as well as improved features for the Apple device (not that we’re saying it’s featureless but Flash would have been nice). The 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab is one such device and, guess what? It will include a Flash enabled browser – it looks highly probable that the Galaxy Tab will just be one of several new tablets to be on display this year.

So, plenty to look forward to then.

Will you be at the Messe Berlin exhibtion centre for IFA 2010?

Which tech are you most eagerly awaiting?

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