iHit case gives the iPhone storage space for cigarettes

Posted on Jul 14 2011 - 12:24am by Julius

Good news for smokers everywhere: two South Florida natives have come up with a iPhone 4 case concept that protects your iPhone and store your cigarettes as well. The iHit project, designed by Joshea and Edward of Florida, is a protective case for the iPhone 4 that can store a cigarette shaped pipe, with a separate storage space for other things.

The device was first seen at Kickstarter, where they ask backers for fund to improve and develop their product. There are currently 15 backers with a total pledge of $380 of the $10,000 goal. Kickstarter then suspended the funding for the project because, according to the designers, “our product falls outside of the Kickstarter project policy. We are attempting to make the appropriate modifications to our project profile, but as of now it is unclear whether we will be able to re-activate our fundraising.”

The designers said they currently have two prototypes that have received positive feedback from people who had the chance to use it. Their only problem now is their lack of money to buy the mold to produce the product on a larger scale.

In the iHit’s Facebook page, they said “We want to take the iHit to the next level and this is where we need you! In order to make a full production run of the iHit and thereby make the case affordable, we need to purchase a production mold. The cost of the mold is beyond what we can afford alone, so, we are hoping that with your support we can get this project off the ground!!!”

For more information and updates about the product, you can visit the iHit’s official website and their Facebook page.

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