iLazer App: Create Zapped Photos with your iPhone

Posted on Mar 14 2011 - 4:10pm by Richard Sharp

Some of the most popular apps at the moment are ones that add to existing features of smartphones, some add a feature that is otherwise missing whilst others enhance existing ones. We were therefore very interested when we found this iLazer app which allows users add fluorescent lasers to existing pictures – this is literally what every Star Wars fan dreams of.

Users can edit photos from their iPhone or iPod touch and even access snaps directly from Facebook, it’s a concept that is both simple and brilliant. The app is very easy to use and is actually very accurate, if you want the lazers to beam from the pupils of the eyes – no problem (likewise for other areas and orifices’). We weren’t quite sold on the soundtrack but this can easily be muted in app.

We spoke with Dan Hubert, the apps inventor and asked him how he came up with the idea? He said “Lazers projecting from things isn’t exactly a new thing. Comic book heroes have been doing since time began and there’s a great site from the US called Lazertits. It speaks for itself but it’s worth a look. After coming across lazers time and time again on the web I checked to see if an app had been done and nothing existed”. He added “The rest is history”.

Users are getting quite creative with the app with many going down the light sabre route whilst others have friends shooting lasers out of their eyes, ears and many other unfortunate places. Dan said “People are getting really creative with it above and beyond lazer eyes and Lightsabres. For example using it as a writing tool for short messages and lazers replacing ski poles and graduation scrolls. I’ve heard there’s some x rated action going on but not seen any evidence yet!”

The app is currently number 1 on the iTunes ‘what’s hot’ list and Dan is obviously keen to build on the popularity. He said “I’ve got plans to keep on updating and improving the app as well as creating an online community where people can get together and share their creativity. And who knows…Perhaps curating a gallery exhibition of the best work like Hipstamatic did last year”.


Users can grab iLazers from the app store for 59p, if you have used it feel free to post a photo below.

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