Inventor Designs Cool Giant Mantis Robot for No Apparent Reason

Posted on May 2 2013 - 8:03pm by Richard Sharp

We all need a hobby and if collecting stamps or spotting trains doesn’t sound like your kind of thing then what about building a giant mantis robot with hydraulic legs? Eh?

That’s exactly what Matt Denton from Hampshire decided to do with his spare time and it took him four years to design the machine, which was three years more than he had expected to spend on it.

Denton said that it is a “very expensive toy” which has ended up costing hundreds of thousands of pounds to design and build. However, he also stated both a marine research company and a mining operation are interested in seeing whether they can use this design in their industry. He also plans to show it off at science fairs.

An Entertainment Vehicle

mantisSo far, the mechanical beast has only been publicly sighted at a music festival, where it was well received by the crowd. The device’s inventor said that it is an “entertainment vehicle” and that he hopes that it will “inspire people”.

Denton generally works with small scale animatronics for the movie industry and see that after a year and a half of work on it he had to “completely strip out and rebuild the legs” because they were too complicated and weighed too much as well. As this sort of thing isn’t his specialist subject he had to learn fast.

The robot is worked through joysticks which are located in its cockpit. Its maximum speed is a paltry 1 mph and it can go 5 kilometres on 4 and a half gallons of diesel. The designer said that it wasn’t made to be fast and efficient but rather “to look cool and insect like and fun”.

Is it useful? Probably not, but that doesn’t stop it being an epic machine. What would you use it for?

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