iOS 4.3 Wireless hotspot to support 3 wi-fi connections

Posted on Mar 5 2011 - 5:14pm by Richard Sharp

One of the key features of the upcoming Apple iOS 4.3 will be the ability to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot. If you listened to the launch event you would have heard that it will be able to support five devices; many people assumed this meant a wireless hotspot which when reading the small print on the Apple website isn’t technically true.

Users will be able to connect five devices but only three can be used over wi-fi, leaving Bluetooth and USB the only other options to make up the five total connections. Not really an earth shattering revaluation but a good reminder to look at the finer details.

Other new additions include improved airplay and the ability to stream content over your home network. Apple will also roll out improvements to Safari by utilising Nitro JavaScript engine technology.

When considering the 3 wi-fi connections the general concensue is that most people would not require five wireless connections over a mobile network but what do you think?
Should Apple be matching competitors five connections?


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