iPad 2 or Smart TV?

Posted on Dec 30 2011 - 4:49pm by Julius

How do you like your TV? Live, scheduled, with a bit of Twitter on the side? Or on-demand, catch-up, rental, Youtube, black and white, even 3D? There are plenty who prefer to keep their programmes in their pocket, opting for the smaller screen – it depends what’s important to you.

That’s why the time is ripe to weigh up the versatility of the iPad, against the visual vastness of the latest Smart TVs.

iPad 2

The versatility and portable nature of the iPad 2 makes it ideal for watching on the move, but did you know that, thanks to two new features – Airplay and HD Mirroring, you can also partner it up to your TV at home?

Airplay allows you to broadcast films and movies from your iPad directly to your TV in high definition. It even works with your iPhone and will be enhanced with the expected launch of Netflix in the UK next year – a service already popular in the States which allows you to stream a wide range movies and TV shows over the internet, on–demand.

To stream wirelessly you’ll need Apple TV – a clever little box that sits under your TV and connects with the other devices in your home. Alternatively, you can connect your iPad directly with a cable and an adaptor, sold separately by Apple. This allows for video mirroring – seeing on your television exactly what is on your iPad screen, simultaneously.

Whilst having two screens on irritates some people, the feature is ideal for jazzing up presentations with interactive apps, websites or music. It’s also great for using as a jukebox, and watching your favourite movies and shows on holiday or on a television away from home.

Internet TVs

With so much interactive potential in your pocket, television manufacturers are stepping up their game to enhance your living room experience. Thanks to LED TVs, which offer superior contrast and efficient energy use, televisions now have bigger screens and better colours than ever. 3D TV also offers the most immersive entertainment experience to be had at home, as well as enhancing games and apps.

Indeed, apps are another way manufacturers are utilising the broadband connectivity to deliver more content to your box. Samsung are undoubtedly ahead of the game in this arena: Their 3D TVs and LED TVs come loaded with applications which give you access to lots of online content, including Vimeo, Youtube and iPlayer, as well as interactive features such as Skype and Twitter.  These TVs can also be connected to your home wireless internet.

LG are also getting on the app game, having recently brought out their MUSEUM, an app which brings over 600,000 artworks into your living room with stunning clarity. You can even connect one of their 3D camera phones to watch your own 3D videos on the big screen.

So, if you spend lots of time with friends and family, love cinematic entertainment in superb quality and can’t get enough of the latest blockbusters, opt for a smart, connected LED TV.

If you’re a workaholic, always on the move and want to able to quickly see clips, videos, photos and documents on your large screen at a glance, an iPad 2 may be the gadget for you.

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