iPad Rival Revealed

Posted on Apr 7 2010 - 7:45am by simon

The Gemini tablet PC from ICD is not going to arrive for a while yet, but on paper it has a specification that could see it wipe the floor with Apple’s new iPad.

The most obvious area of superiority is the display, which will be 11.2 inches across and capable of displaying full HD video, which is impressive considering its small size. This also suggests that the Tegra 2 processor that the Gemini houses is a capable powerhouse.

3G connectivity will be included as standard, which will allow for voice calls and data transfer. The Gemini will also have a forward facing 2 megapixel camera which can be used to chat via video link and there is an even more impressive 5 megapixel camera on the back for higher quality still shots.

Connectivity is rounded off with a GPS receiver, Wireless N capabilities and the latest Bluetooth. USB peripherals can be plugged in, which is a bonus. The basic onboard storage can be augmented with extra memory via an SD card.

The Gemini’s screen will use capacitive touch technology on the most expensive models, but a cheaper resistive version will be available, which will mean that multi-touch will only be accessible to some users.

Google’s Android OS is on board, which means that the Gemini will not only be competing with the iPad, but also with tablet PCs powered by Windows 7. The inclusion of Flash compatibility will be welcomed by many who have been put off the iPad by the lack of native support for this essential piece of software.

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