Iphone 3G Phone Might Not Be Released In June Then

Posted on May 12 2008 - 2:38am by Richard Sharp

iPhone 16GB Stock Coming SoonWell, there’s good news and bad news for iPhone fans. The good news for those that don’t yet own one is that O2 reports they will soon be getting more stock of the 16GB iPhone on their website. The bad news is that this may mean a slightly longer than expected delay before we’re treated to the next incarnation of the ultimate in touch screen mobile phones.

Of course, extra stock doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no new release during the keynote speech in June. But, as T3 reports, it does mean that the more likely outcome of a release in time for christmas is the most probably outcome.

Rumour had started to do the rounds (we’re not ashamed to admit that we did assist a little in their circulation) that the disappearing stock was because a 3G version was going to be announced and released during the eagerly anticipated Apple keynote speech in June.

Despite this potential set back, we are still in confident mood that there will be an announcement along these lines. Of course, the nasty thing about expectations and hopes is that they can (and often are) dashed.

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