IPhone 4 Review

Posted on Jun 27 2010 - 4:33pm by Richard Sharp

Well, here it is. The new Apple iPhone 4 is among us and it will soon be everywhere where cool mobile phone users who want the latest technology, the best looks and the maximum street cred can afford to fork out for the most technologically advanced Smartphone around. But is it any good?


Well, you weren’t expecting a 1980’s brick phone were you? Sleek, modern and stylish are the key words for the Apple iPhone 4 presentation. At 3/8 inch thick it is substantially thinner than the previous iPhone and it is the thinnest Smartphone around. The screen covers 3.5 diagonally and the overall package is visually impressive.

Notable Specifications

The Apple A4 chip gives a fast processing speed and because so many of the phone’s functions are controlled on the one chip the battery life is greatly extended from previous Smartphone’s, giving 40 hours music playback or 300 hours standby time. This is great news for heavy users and forgetful people who leave their charger in the bedroom when they go away for the weekend

The voice control which the Apple iPhone 4 offers is very, very extensive and impressive. Just about anything related to the phone, the music on it and the general control of it can be controlled through voice commands.

Face Time video calls is another of the big advances which Apple have been proudly trumpeting, and this development is expected to revolutionise the use of video calls using Smartphones.

The3 new iPhone is the first phone to come with a built in gyroscope, which gives it an incredibly high level of sensitivity to any type of motion.

What’s New?

When picking up your mail the visual voice mail facility lets you listen to your messages in the order you want, rather than hopping from one foot to the other while listening to your mum waffling on about the dog when you really want to hear your mate tell you the footy score.

Another big change is the hugely improved screen resolution. It can now handle 4 times as many pixels as the old model and uses the all new Retina Display system to enhance the display to a level which is quite frankly staggering. In fact, the company have stated in a press release that the Retina Display system is the single most important feature in the new iPhone and that it is a technology which makes every other mobile phone display look like a two year old’s first drawing, done while underwater and using those thick crayons that even Rolf Harris would struggle to draw anything decent with. (Disclaimer: of course no one at Apple said those exact words but they should have. If the good people at Apple want to contact me to write future press releases I am available and cheap).


The 5 mega pixel camera has an LED flash on the back and it takes much better pictures than many stand alone digital cameras, as well as being more than capable of undertaking videoconferencing calls. Video facilities include 720p HD recording. Auto focus, manual focus and Geo tagging are all available.

Other Functions

Did you know that you can make phone calls on it too? The new noise suppression technology and the use of two microphones make it easier to have a normal conversation while in a crowded and noisy environment.


This is a wonderful piece of technology. If you want to keep up with the latest developments in the mobile phone world then this is the one to buy. It’s not cheap though, and even shopping online isn’t getting you a bargain on these little beauties.
Not everything in this world is about money though and I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to go on a bread and water diet for a week in order to (rather feebly) grasp their own Apple iPhone 4.

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