iPhone 4S battery might not be as good as the iPhone 4

Posted on Oct 18 2011 - 3:45am by Julius

In announcing the new iPhone 4S, Apple Inc. has made some promises in terms of the new smartphone’s battery life. These promises, however, might be a bit off the mark according to the iPhone 4S review by iLounge.

iLounge tested the battery life on the new smartphone on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, then compared it to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. In the official specifications from Apple, it claims that the iPhone 4S has longer talk time, but lesser standby time compared to the fourth-generation handset.

For tests with Audio Playback, 3G Data, Video Recording and Video Playback, iLounge found that the new iPhone came in under the battery life times of the iPhone 4. For FaceTime and Wi-Fi testing, the site found that both mobile phones have similar battery usage, and on Cellular Calls, it found the iPhone 4S to be slightly better.

The site found that 3G data transfer on their Verizon iPhone 4S ran at the same time as their AT&T unit at 5 hours and 54 minutes, while the Sprint model lagged at 5 hours and 23 minutes. In voice calls, The AT&T iPhone 4 and 4S have comparable times, with 7 hours and 6 to 16 minutes, while the Verizon iPhone 4S model showed 8 hours and 27 minutes. The Sprint model lagged again at 6 hours and 27 minutes.

Various factors could affect the phone’s battery life, such as its settings, how it was used, battery calibration, the signal strength of the carrier, etc. Draining the battery and charging it to full can recalibrate the battery, which is said to be an effective solution to improve its performance.


via: iLounge

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