iPhone 4S shipping time in the UK changed to 1 to 2 weeks

Posted on Oct 8 2011 - 7:32am by Julius

Hours after pre-orders for the iPhone 4S began, shipping estimates for smartphone orders placed via Apple’s online stores in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia and Germany have moved to one to two weeks from the estimated October 14 date. Shipping estimates in the United States remain at October 14, while Apple is still not offering online orders from Japan.

The upcoming iPhone 4S from Apple looks the same as the current iPhone 4, but it now features the super fast A5 processor, the iOS 5 mobile operating system, Siri voice assistant, iCloud and one of the best cameras installed on a smartphone. It will also have support for GSM, CDMA and HSPA.

“New pre-orders for these territories will now face a 1 to 2 week shipping delay (after the October 14 release date) when ordered through the Apple online store,” according to a report by Apple enthusiast site Cult of Mac. “Orders for the U.S., however, continue to for October 14 for the time being.”

It also looks like that there has been a huge demand for the new iPhone, as a number of British mobile carriers say that they guarantee its delivery by October 14. When asked by Geeky Gadgets hours after, a number of carriers no longer guarantee its delivery due to the increasing demand for the new phone.

It is still unsure if the said shipping dates are final, but some reports say that it may change in a few days.

via: Geeky Gadgets

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