iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III to sport Liquipel?

Posted on Feb 5 2012 - 11:59pm by Julius

One additional rumor on the next-generation Apple iPhone and the unannounced successor of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III, has recently surfaced, claiming that both smartphones might come out with a new waterproofing technology in the form of Liquipel.

Last month, Ubergizmo reported that the iPhone 5 will sport the Liquipel waterproof coating, which covers both the outside and inside of mobile phones to make it water repellent and reduces moisture and liquid damage. Now, the guys over at Today’s iPhone said that one of their sources claimed that both smartphones from Apple and Samsung will get Liquipel coating.

“Both will have had Liquipel treatment as they’ll be altering the wording on insurance,” said the report.

Moisture and liquid damage are known as the top reasons for insurance claims on smartphones, so placing more liquid protection on high-end mobile phones such as the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 could definitely change that.

For those who don’t know, Liquipel is a new technology that uses a proprietary compound that is coated on a mobile device. “Liquipel penetrates the entire device as a whole, including all of the vital components inside and out to provide optimal protection against accidental contact with liquids,” according to Liquipel’s website.

This would also mean that it will be good selling points for these smartphones that are also capable of pretty much anything.


via: Ubergizmo

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