iPhone 5 And iPad 2 Details Released

Posted on Oct 8 2010 - 8:48pm by Matt Jackson

There’s a perpetual buzz of Apple rumours and while many of them are clearly only a fine line away from slanderous nonsense, just occasionally one or two turn out to be the truth and the most recent and widely reverberating buzz of rumour has been about the apparently upcoming release of both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 and while the former makes sense the latter seems little more than a rehashed version of a pre-iPhone 4 rumour.

One of the greatest flaws of the iPad was that it was lacking a USB port, which is considered standard on just about everything from your car stereo to your kettle nowadays (we will find a kettle that connects to the Internet and requires a USB port one day – if you see one let us know).

There are, in our opinion, a few problems with the iPad – its astronomical price, the fact it does very little compared to your average smartphone, the lack of proper Adobe support, and the lack of a USB port. At least one of these is due to be fixed for the second incarnation of the touch-screen tablet that started its own trend.

Apparently, this is considered a fairly major fix by others too and Apple will be releasing the iPad 2 earlier than the iPhone 5 for this reason.

On the subject of the iPhone 5, rumours are that Apple are ready to jump out of bed with AT&T in the US and straight into bed with Verizon. Probably won’t mean all that much to us in the UK but you should probably expect similar features, similar prices, and similar carriers should the next iPhone be arriving soon as promised by people who aren’t really in the know but like to pretend they are.

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  1. vincine October 8, 2010 at 9:55 pm - Reply

    i beleave iPhone 5 will be a major update to whats availible sure the screen on iphone 4 is great sure its smaller and has a camra on the font but thats limited you cart use it for calls which preety much makes it seem like a proto-type, nokia have been offering phones for years that have front facing camras for videocalls theres no technolgy holding it back.

    The iphone 5 should easily update its camra 5.0 mega-pixel its preety much standed today and for a highend phone its could of cheap ( you can get 8.1 mega pixel phones now and even 13.3 expected in japan by years end) and no HD isent much of a upgrade , well it surely deserves at least 8 and could quite easily get 12 ill'ed sey expect around 6 prehaps a 7 but uidoutb it ( well the quility of iphone is good, seenin over the years where oppitunity is there apple seem to ignore upgrade and play it cheap while almost intirely uncomparaible but hardware/software giant ninteno do the very same with there products offering last gen technology for a new gen ) also with toshiba finishing developing new smaller GB chips the next phone should get at least 64gbits to 128 gbits.

    Theres also room for improvement in making the screen bigger theres alot of space between the top and bottom for a bigger screen size prehaps 3.8 i see room for more.

    Time will prove what sort of company apple really are , are they goin to offer a high tech device or go for a small upgrade to maximise profits because they already know its goin to sell my only question is will it sell more if its a more attractive device ??

  2. xiaoa October 9, 2010 at 1:55 am - Reply

    phone 5?

    oh, no. I afriad we have to wait for another two years. as the white iphone 4 and the verizon one have not been released, Likely to be postponed until next year?and than the next ipad may be released, so the iphone 5 have to queue for several years. however, the new verizon one which you can regard it as iphone 5 is a desirable product ,i believe it will give iphone fans a great deal of surprise. i have waited it for a long time, i decide buy one and order netflix server and download a Aneesoft dvd to iphone video converter.

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