iPhone News – New iOS Features, Plus Apple Conference Announced For Tomorrow

Posted on Jul 15 2010 - 9:59am by Matt Jackson

You can barely move for Apple news nowadays as the company seemingly throws itself from one major release to another. Unfortunately, it’s also fair to say that the release of the iPhone 4 hasn’t been without its teething problems. The antenna/reception problem is certainly no small thing with an estimated 25% of users affected by the issue and Apple doing little thus far to really remedy the situation.

However, having announced a conference for tomorrow when they may (or may not) make an announcement on their next step to fixing the problem, they have also quietly released an update to the iOS operating system.

iOS 4.1 is currently only available to developers at the moment but it will be made available to all in the near future. Redesigned signal bars will come as scant consellation to users with reception issues but a complete redesign of the game centre and watermarks placed on jailbroken devices are notable changes for the improved system.

Apple has also announced that they will hold a press conference tomorrow morning, at 10am Pacific Time. The only topic of conversation will be the antenna fix and analysts and tech experts alike believe that the chances of a complete recall have increased despite estimates that this would cost the company $1.5bn. The press conference comes as presure mounts on the company and they receive more and more bad press with every passing day as consumers expect to be able to use their phones for the purpose they bought them.

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Source – T3 Magazine

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