iPhone Owners Have More Sex Than Android Users

Posted on Aug 12 2010 - 10:17am by Matt Jackson

It could be the confirmation you were looking for or the reason you need to go out and buy an iPhone rather than a Blackberry or an Android mobile phone. According to a survey conducted by dating site OkCupid.com iPhone owners have more sex and with more partners than owners of other smartphones – wow, there’s an app for that?

Male owners of the Apple wonder phone will have had 10 different partners by the time they reach the age of 30 so it seems that antenna problems only stretch so far as the phone itself. Blackberry owners will manage 8.1 (we’re not sure about the use of decimal points in such figures because it makes us wonder how you have 0.1 of a sexual partner – a toe, maybe?) and Android owners are lagging behind with just 6 partners.

The figures get even more disparate for women too. Female iPhone users have 12.3 sexual partners by the time they reach 30. Blackberry owners only manage 8.8 and Android based smartphone owners rack up just 6.1 by the same age.

The moral of the story? The kind of people that buy iPhones are sexually promiscuous – you decide whether that means it’s time to swap phone or not.

The survey also looked at the type of photo that was most likely to make you appear more attractive on dating sites. Rather that considering whether photos of oneself taken in the mirror are considered good or bad, the dating site looked at far more technical details.

Apparently, sharp focus on the subject and blurred focus on the background makes the individual look more attractive. Photos taken late at night and late in the afternoon are best and the use of a flash is strictly a no-go if you want to appear more appealing.

What photo do you use on your dating site profile?

Which smartphone do you use and do you follow or buck the trend for sexual partners?

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