iPlayer For The Nokia N96

Posted on Sep 7 2008 - 1:57am by Richard Sharp

iPlayer For The Nokia N96The popularity and widespread availability of iPlayer looks likely to continue its onward march with news that the new Nokia N series flagship phone the N96 will include the BBC iPlayer, which enables viewers to watch BBC shows and has also started series storage so you can watch more than just shows from the last week.

Some of the handsets will include the new iPlayer application on purchase while others will demand that you download it from the BBC site and, unfortunately, charges are likely to be pretty high because you will need to use your data package price plan as a means to download the player. Nevertheless, there’s no doubting just how popular iPlayer has become and for genuinely good reason too.

Owners will be able to either stream shows while online or download them for watching at a later date. Nokia has boasted that the move is in line with the Nokia N96 bidding to become the most popular audio and video playback capable mobile phone and if it proves even half as popular and generally well received as the N95 did then it’s almost certain to become a competitor in the high end phone market.

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