iPod Alarm Clocks

Posted on Oct 20 2008 - 11:25pm by David Gray

ipod_alarm.jpgSick of waking up to the same old drone in the morning? Starting to sleep through your old alarm tone? Check out this excellent iPod Alarm Clock and you can literally wake up to any tune you fancy!

At first glance it just looks like your normal alarm clock with a slap of colour but there is so much more to this funky little number. You can set the alarm to play a tune, an album or any play list that you fancy. There is also a nine minute snooze button which gives you just enough time to get to sleep again before it starts banging out your favourite tunes!

The iPod Alarm Clock is available in black, white or shocking pink for ladies and can fit any iPod from size 20GB right up to 60GB, a Video iPod or one of the new Nano iPods. All you need to do is set the alarm on your iPod, place it in the iPod Alarm Clock slot and you will be woken up to the sound of your dreams.

Suitable for ages 12+ the iPod Alarm Clock works from a mains adapter and is sure to make an interesting stocking filler this Christmas!

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