iPod Nano Slaps on with The Ozaki iCoat Watch+ Strap

Posted on Apr 7 2011 - 4:39pm by Richard Sharp

We’ve just received word from a regular source that we use that the 80’s slap strap is well and truly back. This time you can bring your iPod Nano along for the ride and turn it into a rather hip yet retro looking watch.

The Ozaki iCoat Watch+ IC878 – iPod Nano Watch Strap (a bit of a mouthful I know) is built for the iPod Nano 6G, it comes in the same range of six colours as Apple’s baby iPod too meaning you can match them up or if you prefer mix and match, whatever floats your boat really.

The neat thing about this product is you slap it on and it wraps around your wrist forming a perfect fit that can easily be removed with a quick tug. We expect that you will spend a fair amount of time showing off this application to your mates, especially if you grew up in the 80’s.

The other main differences when compared to other straps is that the Ozaki snap/slap strap doesn’t require an adapter or carrier, users can simply slip their Nano straight into the strap. Then snap it on and go without any fiddly or unsightly buckles insight.

The nice thing about the strap is it can be used on both clothed and bare arms, it also expands and contracts to the wearers arm which is perfect if you are exercising as you are prone to getting hot and sweaty. from UK retailers such as Amazon and audioout.co.uk

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