iPod Nanos Overheating

Posted on Aug 20 2008 - 3:24am by Richard Sharp

Latest iPod Nano Doubles Up As Cigarette LighterThe personal audio devices are furthering their march on taking over the world. This time, it’s the turn of the mischievous iPod Nano and they’re taking it to the next level. A number of the popular Apple audio players have willingly burst into flames, or at least they’ve overheated to the point of breaking and it’s a problem that has been recognised by the manufacturers.

To be fair, the overheating is actually quite serious and it has scorched paper that has been left nearby. It is believed that the problem is in the rechargeable battery and Apple are investigating the problem at the moment. Our advice would be to ensure that you have a fire extinguisher handy next time you go jogging or wait at the bus stop closest to the fire station.

Apple has something of a history of creating rogue batteries and overheating devices. In 2006 they had to recall a bucket load of laptop batteries because they overheated and reports in March suggested that at least one iPod Nano was seen to be creating sparks and also overheating. This latest burst of pyromania has centred in Tokyo, the home of the increasingly popular overheating Nano gang.

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