iPod Touch prototype snapped

Posted on May 21 2010 - 8:39am by simon

A pre-release version of an iPod Touch has been showcased by a Vietnamese site, sporting the interesting addition of a two megapixel camera.

The images that were turned up by the Tinhte site clearly show that the iPod Touch in question is not a finalised version and given that it looks nothing like the iPhone 4G, but rather like the current generation iPod and iPhone, could indicate that Apple has some serious changes planned.

Keen observers have pointed out that the serial number displayed on the prototype marks it out as originating from the end of 2009. It is entirely possible that this is simply a design that was canned by Apple before it went into mass production.

Judging from the pictures, the two megapixel camera is accompanied by a small microphone, with the intention of allowing video capture. Inside is 64GB of storage space, which is not achieved using a single chip, but rather two Samsung 32GB chips.

The prototype iPod Touch has a slightly strange proprietary user interface, which lacks all of the traditional Apple polish, but apparently has apps, including the Nike+ exercise software.

All eyes will be on Apple when June 7th rolls around, as this is believed to be the date on which the new iPhone will be unveiled on the world. If it is planning to update the iPod Touch at the same time, then it would be sensible to assume that it will announce both at a single press event.

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