iPod Touch to Get a Capacitive Home Button?

Posted on Apr 5 2011 - 11:13pm by Richard Sharp

Is there to be a capacitive home button added to the coming generation of the iPod Touch? Some leaked photos seem to suggest that this is the case, although there is no official word from Apple and the photos aren’t of the best quality either.

There is also a suggestion that the storage is going to be bumped up to 128GB, but the rumour which has got people talking is the one about that home button.

The photos which have seemingly been leaked by someone in the know show an iPod Touch without the conventional home button.

This is in line with previous stories about Apple filing a patent for changes which would allow a capacitive home button to be added to the next generation of their iPod and iPhone devices.

As well as this, the photos show a 128GB storage noted on the About screen, which is double what the current models offer. The model number on the illicit snap is MC5500L and while it appears genuine there is also the possibility that it is just someone having a laugh.

Opinion among users is divided on whether this would be a good step forward or not, while many in the industry remain unconvinced by the photos and are waiting for some sort of statement from Apple before believing that this is what it seems to be.

Do you like the sound of an iPod Touch and maybe even an iPhone with a capacitive home button or do you like things fine just the way they are?

Via: Mac Rumors

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