Iris 9000 lets you control Siri from afar

Posted on Oct 26 2011 - 3:12pm by Robert

With the Apple 4S finally launched, waves and waves of accessories have begun to show up and will soon be seen in tech stores around the world. Now, a cool peripheral has surfaced, taking advantage of the iPhone 4S’ most popular feature, the Siri personal assistant.

Called the Iris 9000, this device enables users to control the Siri personal assistant feature from about 50 feet away.

Siri allows users to perform a number of tasks just by speaking into their phones. Unlike the voice recognition technology of the past, the Siri voice recognition assistant can understand queries like “Where can I find a good sushi place nearby?” or actions like “Set the alarm to 4 in the afternoon.” Siri will then perform the task.

To use the Iris 9000, all users have to do is to place their iPhone 4S into the dock. It comes with a remote that sports a button that when hit, the built-in microphone will pick up the user’s command. Once Siri has an answer, its response will play via Iris 9000’s speaker.

Iris 9000 also doubles as a speakerphone, which allows you to use its microphone and speaker to talk to your friends. The best thing about this device is its design. It has a big red eye in the middle of its speaker that would make it a great (but creepy) nightlight.

Iris 9000 is available at ThinkGeek for $59.00, but it won’t be available until next year. You can check out ThinkGeek’s Iris 9000 page for more information.

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