Is Facebook planning to release a music service next month?

Posted on Sep 1 2011 - 11:02pm by Robert

Facebook may be planning to release its own music service at its F8 developer conference next month.

Jon Fortt, a CNBC technology reporter, said that Facebook would enter the online music streaming market at the F8 conference, which will be help in San Francisco on September 22.

“Next month is going to be a big one for music,” he said on the CNBC morning show ‘Fast Money Halftime Report.’ “I’m hearing from someone familiar with the plans that Facebook plans to launch its long-rumored music service at the F8 conference on Sept. 22nd. Now, it seems likely that Facebook won’t actually host the music, but will partner with others who do that.”

GigaOm previously reported the same thing last June, describing the service’s features in detail. The new Facebook music service will include a page called the Music Dashboard that is linked to the home page through a Music tab. The interface will enable users to choose from different music services, such as Spotify.

Over the past few years, Facebook has played with a variety of music-related ideas and in 2008, it was scheduled to launch a music service in collaboration with music company Lala. Nothing happened because record labels did not agree to stream content to the website’s users at the time.

This is just a rumor and we still have to wait for its announcement on September 22. Seeing how the social networking site already features music services like MOG and Spotify, it will be interesting to see where it will take its music service.


via: MSNBC

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