Is Google Working on a Tablet that Takes 3D Images?

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 9:27pm by Robert

The latest Google product to get whispered about is a possible new tablet.

What’s so great about a tablet, you may well ask. Well, this one is going to be able to take 3D images, according to the latest technology gossip.

Reports of the new Google tablet appeared in the Wall Street Journal, with suggestions that 4,000 of the devices could be made within the next month or so.

The tablet will work by using a couple of rear facing cameras, with advanced imaging software being used to convert the captured footage into 3D images. Google is apparently going to be showing off the new tablet at its upcoming developers’ conference at the end of June.

Rumour and Speculation


No official word has forthcomd from Google yet, with the technology giant labelling the news “rumour and speculation” that it won’t comment on.

However, only a couple of months ago, Google revealed its Project Tango to the world, with the idea that it could lead to 3D technology being used on mobile devices. This project sees infrared sensors used to work out the depth of the objects around the device.

A prototype of a smartphone using the technology was initially given out to 200 developers to test. It is believed that this technology could be of great use in areas such as making 3D maps of indoor spaces. The first run of the new Google tablet is expected to go to a small group of engineers and developers to test the technology before it gets made available to the public.

Would you like to use a tablet that creates 3D images?

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