Is the LG G910 phone watch going to come only in Orange?

Posted on Apr 13 2009 - 9:30pm by Richard Sharp

lg-g910-touch-watch-mobile-phoneThere is one thing for sure this year, that the LG G910 phone watch is going to be on practically every teenage boys wish list. The LG G910 phone watch is due to be launched to the UK market this year and Orange will be the only mobile phone company that will be selling it.

This remarkable little phone watch will allow every boys (and many people who are no longer boys but allow their boyish side to come out)dreams of James Bond to seem almost a reality. The LG G910 phone watch is sports touchscreen technology, an integrated speaker, bluetooth connectivity, possibly the LG G910 phone watch will also have a video and/or music MP3 player incorporated, there will most definitely be internet access and data download functionality and multimedia playback.

Orange are expected to sell the phone for around £100 on an 18month contract basis, with the expected date of availability most likely to be around Christmas time (clever orange!). Orange is committed to bringing the very latest that mobile phone technology can offer and this is just one example of their success on their company mission.

The LG G910 phone watch phone has just been launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this impressive technology show is the place to be and be seen if you are in the mobile phones and services business. Launches of the latest mobile phone technology are common place and every new development in the industry is sported at this very important even; however it seems only apt that the LG G910 phone watch phone should be released at the Mobile World Congress.

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