Is there going to be a cheaper mini iPhone released?

Posted on Apr 12 2009 - 9:02pm by Richard Sharp

The rumour mill is going thick and fast in the states that when the new iPhone is launched later in the year that there will be another cheaper version launched at the same time less some of the frills of the new iPhone.

There is a consensus of opinion that the reason that this will happen is that this will allow the Apple iPhone to be exposed to emerging markets with a lower demographic such as India. There is also the belief that Apple has always released a top end product, mid range and cheaper entry level product of a similar design such as Apple Mac, Apple iMac and Mac Pro and the Apple iPod Shuffle, Apple Nano and Apple Touch. There has also been some leaked references to an Apple iPhone 2.1 and Apple iPhone 3.1 so we shall just have to wait and see if this is the case.

Should Apple decide to go down the route of releasing an iPhone mini it is expected that they will release a much slimmer iPhone without wi-fi, also with the new Apple iPhone launching it will allow them to sell their new enhanced version and keep a similar spec as the old model for the lower spec mini iPhone. Of course at the moment this is all gossip and specualtion and we will not know for sometime if there is any basis to the argument, although the rationale behind the thinking is from Apple’s recent purchasing trend, they have reportedly been buying up flash memory at twice the rate of the previous year.

The new iPhone is likely to sport a video recording and editing function so if you are thinking about purchasing into this mobile phone product then it may be as well to wait until the new and much improved iPhone is released (if indeed there is a new iphone – it might just come in the form of a software update).

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