Is This What the iPhone 6 Looks Like?

Posted on May 19 2014 - 10:33pm by Julius

You’re waiting for the Apple iPhone 6 to make an appearance, are you? Maybe your wait is just about to end. Or maybe not. Who knows the actual fabled release date?

A few leaks have appeared recently which promised to show us tantalising images or inform us of titillating details of the new version of the phone.

First off, some schematics were leaked. These suggested that a new, bigger screen would force the power button to be moved to the side of the device. With a whopping 4.7 display said to be on its way, moving this button to the side seems to make sense, as it would make it easier to operate with just the one hand. It has even been suggested that a 5.5 inch screen could be on the way as well.

Gold, Grey and Black Models


After this, a photo appeared to show a bunch of dummy iPhone 6 units which had been produced as part of the production process. The phones on display in the rather poor image are gold, grey and black. This is the first time a gold version of the iPhone 6 has been shown online.

It still isn’t clear whether these are real images of the iPhone 6 or whether they are fake. The fact that they have appeared so quickly after the details of the power button shift appear to add a bit of credibility to them but we’ll just have to wait for confirmation of whether or not this is what the new iPhone will look like.

Do you think these photos are real or fake?

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