iShuttr Case Turns Apple iPhone 4 into a Fully Functional Camera

Posted on Jun 5 2011 - 3:10pm by Richard Sharp

iShuttr, A kick Starter Case study

Kickstarter is a brilliant source for innovative ideas, and a fantastic arena for inventors to get backing whilst gadget lovers can get their hands on the latest tech first. Last week we came across the iShuttr iPhone 4 case. A case that transforms your iPhone 4 into an easy to use camera complete with an uprated flash, grips and camera button. We spoke with the designers behind the project to discover the latest news on shutter.

iShuttr Features and concept

I asked Rudy and Bobby, how they thought of the idea? Rudy explained, “I always enjoy having some of the best electronics available and love the idea of using one tool for multiple purposes. My partner Bobby and I thought it would be great to really use your phone as a camera.”

Both of the guys have a keen interest in photography and they have tapped into their expertise, Rudy continued “We both have experience with photography and anyone can notice the effects of poor lighting on ALL smartphones no matter what megapixel. iPhone seemed like the best platform to tackle first and away we went adding on a Xenon flash. Along the way we added on some other useful features like the threading, the grip, and extended battery.”

All of the above offer pretty nifty features, the team also had a couple of tricks to solve the age old zoom problem. “Bobby quickly noticed the effects of the iPhone’s touchscreen shutter button and we decided to add buttons for this and zoom to allow true control. We have some other great photo focused features coming with our camera app, but we won’t let that out of the bag quite yet!”

Why Kick starter?

The iShutter is clearly a cool product, why did Rudy and Bobby choose Kick Starter (aside from the obvious), Rudy explained “We want to give everyone a chance to own an iShuttr case now, instead of a small release. We always love opinions on our ideas and we thought Kickstarter was the best way to raise funds for a great product launch and hear what people have to say as we finish up development and make a product people will enjoy! All in all we hope Kickstarter can help two regular guys make a killer product and continue to do so in the future!”

Like other projects on the Kick starter site, people can back the project at any level from $1. Large donors of over $250 can claim an extra special reward if the project becomes fully funded. “We have a limited release Kickstarter only anodized aluminum case available, only 500 will be made and they will be numbered in the order you “Backed” the project!”

For more information take a look at the official iShuttr page.

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