ISIS – the worlds hardest puzzle

Posted on Nov 23 2008 - 2:32am by David Gray

isis.jpgYou may have tried and beaten the Rubik cube, you may have taken on the hardest puzzles available on TV but you have seen nothing like the ISIS which is literally the hardest puzzle ever created!

Do not be fooled by the stylish box which the ISIS comes in, do not be fooled by the simple exterior of the puzzle, this will test you to limit and beyond. The beauty of the ISIS is the fact that each and every puzzle is unique and has a different answer to the riddle. So convinced are the creators of the puzzle that each product holds a coded key which opens one of a number of treasure boxes around the country. Those who manage to crack the code and getting to the centre of the ISIS will have a chance of fame and fortune.

As you’ll see from the ISIS, each and every one is covered in codes and hieroglyphics and unless you are very careful it can become more and more time consuming and literally drive you mad. The ISIS is stylish in appearance, complicated in practice and one of the most annoying puzzles ever to reach the market!

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