It Could Have Been Google Glass: The Dyson Halo

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 10:27am by Robert

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year for Dyson. They are celebrating their 21st birthday and have talked about a massive £250m expansion that would make the Wiltshire research and development centre double its current size.

This, therefore, seems like a good time to show the world a few of their ideas that never made it into the real world as products for sale.

Perhaps the most interesting of these projects is the one called Dyson Halo, also known as the N066. For a company which is famous for its vacuum cleaners it is somewhat surprising to see that one of their abandoned ideas from the past looks kind of similar to Google Glass.

A Chunky Accessory and 3D Glasses


The Dyson Halo project started out way back in 2001 and involved an augmented reality headset computer with a 3D headset display. The concept was to offer a lot more different functions than Google Glass but the downside was a chunky accessory the size of an iPod which housed the battery, the processor and the memory.

When at home or in the office, the Dyson Halo could be docked to a monitor and keyboard and used as a traditional desktop computer. On the move, the system would be used with a pair of glasses. As part of this headset, there were a couple of angled mirrors that reflected images from the displays and gave the impression of a 10 inch 3D image.

The gadget could be used with voice commands, giving it a hands free mode. It also came with a little joystick that could be worn on the user’s wrist to help them navigate the screen. A virtual keyboard and finger movement control were intended to give the wearer a variety of ways of interacting with their Dyson Halo.

Would you like to give the Dyson Halo a try?

photo courtesy of Dyson

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  1. Goldie December 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm - Reply

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