It’s All Gone 3D For Panasonic

Posted on Jul 28 2010 - 11:49am by Matt Jackson

3D is one of those technologies that seems to have been taken to the hearts of consumers pretty much straight away. The release of major blockbuster movies in 3D and the proceeding release of 3D TVs and 3D games for the PC, as well as the imminent release of 3D console gaming and even portable glasses free 3D gaming from the Nintendo 3DS have helped to really push the emerging technology to the forefront of just about everybody’s minds.

The same is true of manufacturers too, and while Panasonic may not have released that many 3D gadgets as yet, they have enjoyed incredible success from their 3D plasma sets and they are likely to enjoy similar success for their newly released 3D camcorder. What’s more, claiming that 3D take up has been 3 times better than they initially thought you can expect a whole lot more to appear very soon.

The HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder is a groundreaking piece of kit that lets home video producers create their own 3D masterpieces. It is incredibly simple to use but the addition of 3D recording technology does have its downsides too, not least the slightly cumbersome nature of the device itself as well as the lack of any zoom feature. The quality, though, is pretty good and while it may not be up to 3D blu-ray imagery it is still incredible to watch your own footage in 3D on your TV. As you would expect, it’s not cheap, but at £1,300 it’s not as expensive as it could have been either.

Panasonic also announced that as well as the current line-up of 3D TVs they will be releasing new sizes and new models. They also touted the incredible 153 inch plasma 3D TV which is commercially available for around £400,000. OK, so it’s unlikely too many of you will be buying one of these but it does show the massive potential that 3D has.

Have you gone 3D yet?

Will you be getting the 3DS when it’s released later this year?

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