JVC releases two iPad and iPhone docking stations

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 5:16pm by Julius

Japanese electronics company JVC has announced the release of two Dual Docking Stations for the iPad and iPhone: the UX-VJ5 and UX-VJ3. These two docking stations can accommodate an iPad, and an iPhone or iPod simultaneously.

These universal docking systems feature two 15 Watt speakers and a slim, vertical center unit that can charge two Apple devices at the same time. These are the first dual docking stations in the industry and aside from playing music from your devices, the stations’ center units have an audio CD player, USB connection, PC input, and AM/FM Tuner. The CD player and USB ports are only featured in the UX-VJ5.

The VJ5’s CD player does not only play audio CDs, it can also play MP3 and WMA files as well. The VJ5 can also record MP3 files to your USB drives.

The devices both weigh 1.7 kilos and have a dimension of 290 x 186.5 x 155 mm. Both devices are equipped with headphone and composite video outs for playing multimedia files. The speakers have a full bass reflex system that consumes 30 Watts of power.

What’s good about these two is that you can rotate the dock and position both your iPhone and iPad horizontally. With powerful speakers and the TV outputs, you can enjoy watching movies on your devices on a bigger screen.

The UX-VJ3 is available in white, green and pink, while the UX-VJ5 is available in white, violet and brown.

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