Kingston DataTraveler Mini Slim Flash Drive

Posted on Aug 6 2008 - 2:52am by Richard Sharp

Kingston DataTraveler Mini SlimKingston has certainly been batting out the PC storage devices lately and have a seriously extensive range of flash drives, portable hard drives, and stone tablets (probably). The DataTraveler Mini Slim is not only vying to be the flash drive that incorporates the most variants of the word small as possible, but it’s actually living up (or down) to its name.

Roughly one and a half inches long, they are minute and you’ll have to be careful not to lose it in the USB plug on your computer never mind in your pocket. They’re available in 2GB and 4GB models for around £5 and £8 respectively. Colour choices are pink, blue, and black

It can’t feasibly be possible to make flash drives very much smaller than this, although I know that marginally smaller devices do exist, because if they were any smaller they would be useless. If you’re into modding everything you ever put near your PC then you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to slip this into any object and make your very own unique USB flash drive.

With up to 4GB of storage and surprisingly good prices, though, they do represent excellent value even without making them into a fish finger styled USB drive. They’re also a great way for Kingston to make money as people will undoubtedly need replacements regularly.

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