Kitchen gadgets: not just for serious chefs

Posted on Jul 28 2011 - 1:25pm by Matt Jackson

If your cooking’s gone off the boil lately, then it could be time to get your culinary mojo back. And what better way to get your creative juices flowing than with a brand new kitchen gadget? From top-of-the-range coffee makers to stainless steel pineapple corers, there’s something out there for all tastes and budgets.

Our love affair with kitchen gadgets goes way back – probably to the moment Stone Age man started using fire to cook his meat and realised he could really do with a set of ergonomic toasting forks. But it was at the turn of the last century when culinary gizmos really came into their own. In fact, in her 1908 Cook Book and Marketing Guide, Maria Parloa wrote that “the homemaker will find there is continually something new to be bought.”

That’s certainly true for today, too, as kitchen gadgets have never been more popular. But where once the humble peppermill was seen as the height of sophistication, now there’s a bewildering array of items to buy, from ice cream makers to salad spinners and many of them endorsed by celebrity chefs. So what’s the best gadget for you?

Best TV chef gadgets

Nigella Lawson swears by her two-handled mezzaluna knife and says she couldn’t “operate without one”. It’s a scary looking contraption, but is very useful for chopping herbs and great if you’re clumsy as both hands are off the chopping board.

And for pasta lovers, Jamie Oliver’s pasta maker, which allows you to change the shape of your homemade pasta, could be a real treat for those with an artistic streak. Jamie also does some handy gadgets in his range which could end up saving you a lot of time and space in the kitchen, such as his all-purpose three-in-one peeler with interchangeable blades.

Most expensive gadgets

From huge Agas to beautiful Smeg fridges in groovy colours, if money’s no object, the sky really is the limit. Top of your list could be a top-notch coffee machine. Not only do these look great in your kitchen, they could end up saving you money in the long run – as long as you never succumb to the lure of the coffee shop while you’re at work.

A modern day kitchen icon

If you have a seriously big kitchen, with a big budget to match, you could also invest in an ice cream maker – though with some costing more than £200, you’d better make sure you really like ice cream before you buy. Another option is an ultra expensive, but amazing Jura Coffee machine – they make the most exclusive home coffee machines around at the moment.

Best time saving gadgets

For many of us, the sign of a good kitchen gadget is something that saves us from those mundane tasks, and becomes something we can’t imagine living without. If you love cooking, but really hate the prep work then a food processor could be a great investment. As well as taking on the task of chopping and slicing, it can also be used to puree baby food or make homemade soups.

Craziest kitchen gadgets

Thought you’d seen it all? What about a pop-up hot dog cooker that cooks bangers just like toast? Or, for the chocolate lover in your life, the height of decadence could be a chocolate fountain.

Whatever you reckon is a must for your kitchen, one way to purchase your new gizmo is by using a credit card. Also, it may be useful to bear in mind that some credit cards offer an interest-free introductory period – which could help you manage the cost.

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