Kodak Phones and Tablets to be Launched

Posted on Jan 17 2015 - 10:32pm by Robert

When you see the name Kodak you think of cameras, don’t you? The company was once one of the world’s leading camera makers, before the global recession saw it forced to declare bankruptcy.

The good news is that Kodak appears ready to get back into the marketplace, this time with phones and tablets and not cameras.

A recent press release suggests that Kodak will be allowing a UK manufacturer to license its name for its products. The company in question is Bullitt, which is already well-known for its range of sturdy Caterpillar phones.

Phone to be Unveiled at CES 2015


At the moment that aren’t too many details to go on, although it has been confirmed that that first gadgets from the new line of Kodak products will go on show at the CES 2015 show. The first product unveiled will be the first ever smartphone on this brand, with more to follow afterwards.

The range of Kodak mobile devices will run on Android and after that initial unveiling there will be a number of other gadgets to come, including a tablet, a connected camera and a 4G handset as well.

The word from Bullitt is that these mobile devices will be aimed at those consumers that are looking for high quality, photo-centric gadgets without too many complications.

The details of the phone are yet to be revealed but it has been billed as taking “great pictures” as well as allowing users to edit, share, print and store them instantly. It is said to “not compromise on design and user experience”.

What do you think of the idea of a Kodak phone or tablet?

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