Land Rover LRX Concept Turbodiesel Hybrid Car

Posted on Jul 20 2008 - 10:48pm by Richard Sharp

Land Rover LRX Concept CarConcept cars are always a little disappointing because they essentially cost way to much to actually produce despite looking incredible. You can salivate or do whatever else you choose to over them but it’s rare that a good concept will go into production. Even when they do, the production models can be even more disappointing when you realise that it was billed as a prototype for a reason. Essentially, manufacturers get the opportunity to show consumers what they could but probably won’t actually do.

The Land Rover LRX is most likely to fall into the latter category of disappointments because Land Rover has stated that “a production model” will be released early next decade. As well as looking pretty beefy and downright evil (those squinted eyes follow you around the room I tell you) it also boasts being the most ecologically friendly vehicle in its class with a turbodiesel hybrid four wheel drive.

A diesel engine runs the two front wheels while an electric engine runs the back two. You enjoy four wheel drive while sort of doing your bit for the environment. Of course, you’ll still get badgered by tree hugging hippies but you can try to persuade them that it really is green because it can run on biofuel.

So there you have it, estate agents can now drive around in a slightly greener four wheel drive – super.

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  1. bob July 23, 2011 at 12:21 am - Reply

    ha they made it

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