Lara Croft Returns in New Tomb Raider Trailer

Posted on Jun 3 2011 - 7:22pm by Thomas Sharp

Playstation’s resident hottie, Lara Croft is set to make a triumphant return next year with a new game that game publisher, Square Enix, promises will restore the shine and lustre seen on earlier titles in the series.

The actual sequel was announced some months back, and the game isn’t out until the end of 2012 but a new three minute trailer has provided much to talk about. Its no secret that the new game will offer a complete reboot, from the actual game style to storyline.

The story takes us back to when Lara was a teenager and shows how she made the leap from upperclass daddy’s girl to uber hot tomb raider. The series has been handed back to Crystal Dynamics, which despite providing a few questionable titles provided a great job on prior Tomb Raider games.

The trailer shows Lara onboard a ship, named Endurance. The ship is taking a pounding from rough seas which causes it to sink leaving Lara marooned on a strange island. This will be the lead for the game which will follow a survival horror set up with the odd puzzle here and there.

[vsw id=”RN7_8Yholm4″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

What do you think about the trailer? What would you like to see on the game when it finally launches in 2012?


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