Offers Remix, Google Abandons Wave, Amazon Opens UK Kindle

Posted on Aug 5 2010 - 11:58pm by Matt Jackson is a blinding music service that enables you to listen to your faourite tracks from your favourite bands and discover new bands based on the type of music you typically listen to. They manage to offer this service for free without getting in all sorts of trouble from the music industry because they monetise the service through advertising revenue. While has said that classic adverts are no longer getting attention they once did, they have today announced an amalgemation of their own with MXP4 which essentially lets non-DJ types become DJs.

Rather than being an offer for the average user, though, is pitching this one at brands that wish to advertise on their site. It enables them to create more dynamic and more anjoyable advertisements that will entice users. MPX4 has managed to bag over 120 artists in thel ast 12 months claiming that it enables musicians to monetise their back catalogue even further.

The less than popular Google Wave service has been resoundingly and publicly dumped by the Internet giants. Wave was supposed to be a collaborative tool and a communication tool wrapped up in a single accessible package. In reality, it was a messy and downright difficult interface in front of a lot of unpopular tools and the fact that Google has bid it farewell due to a lack of takeup is testament to this very fact.

One company that isn’t kissing farewell to its services is Amazon, having opened the UK version of their Kindle store. Those who have already ordered their UK Kindle for delivery at the end of this month can start preloading their device with any of the 400,000 ebooks that are currently available. Best sellers are priced reasonably and if you’re quick you can catch some of the latest for just a couple of quid while the service launches.

Will you be getting a Kindle when they’re released?

Were you one of the few Google Wave users who will be sad to see it go?

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